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Buy Fake EU Passport online issued by the European Union Member States remain among the most powerful in the world, even in 2020, the latest update of the Henley Passport Index shows, with Germany, Finland, and Italy topping the table for this group.

In 2020, German passport holders are capable to travel to 189 world countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival for tourism or commercial purposes, while Finns and Italians are capable to visit only one country less – 188. Unlike last October when Germany and Finland were both in the second spot with their citizens eligible to visit 188 world countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival, now Germany is listed in the third spot and Finland in the fourth. Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain follow right after, with their citizens being able to visit 187 countries in 2020 without the hurdles of getting a visa in advance, while the French and Swedish EU passport holders can visit 186 countries.

Other EU/Schengen Members listed in the top 10 first positions of the overall passport power list:

  • 7th – Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland – 185 countries
  • 8th – Belgium, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom – 184 countries
  • 9th – Australia, Czech Republic, Malta – 183 countries
  • 10th – Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia – 181 countries


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